“James W. Wood’s “The Theory of Everything” negotiates the daily business of living with insight and feeling”“James W Wood’s The Theory of Everything is an exceptional first volume of verse, full of an awareness of the richness of everyday lives.”

-  Professor Emeritus Brian Cox on The Theory of Everything

“James W Wood’s poetry couples a finely tuned ear with a remarkable mix of passion, idealism and down-to-earth good sense. Indeed, “The Song of Scotland” – a powerful piece by any measure – may well be this century’s first significant state-of-the-nation poem.”

-  Andrew Philip, author of “The Ambulance Box”

“James W. Wood is a talent to be reckoned with: both lyrical and humane, he has a technical ability with language that shines through every poem and a versatility that enables him to range effortlessly from elegy to satire.”

-   Jane McKie, winner of the 2008 Scottish book of the year

“James W Wood cares about the precision and possibilities of language and about honesty when dissecting the subtleties of human emotion, neither one to the exclusion of the other. His work is a pleasure to read and, when questioning or provocative, none the less pleasurable for that.”

-  Rob Mackenzie, author of “The Opposite of Cabbage”

“James W. Wood is fired by an intense love of the art, informed by extensive study and a keen ear for cadence and phrase. He’s a key player in the new poetry life of Scotland, a dynamic member of the younger network, unafraid to speak out with grace, spirit and intelligence.”

-  Helena Nelson, author of “Starlight Under Water”, and, “Plot and Counter-plot”

“…yet this (“Inextinguishable”) spare and beautiful book does not brood. Instead, it sings with the colour of life. Details of the everyday settle jewel-like, sparkling against the flat grey of loss … Wood gently urges his listeners to notice small details, especially those signposts of memory, planted imperfectly on the border between life and death.”

-  (Sphinx Magazine on “Inextinguishable” in 2009)