Stealing Fire

Extracts from Stealing Fire:

Craig Sterling on Stealing Fire:

“After years of reading ‘dark night of the soul’ literature, I got bored and decided I wanted to have a little fun. Lots of it, in fact. Ive set out to create the word equivalent of my favourite rock tunes –The Faces, AC/DC, The Stones. When something got boring, I binned it. If it was funny, I grew it, if it didn’t move fast enough, I cut it. I want this book to be like the best night out you’ve ever had – outrageous, wild and full of good memories. If people find something more in it, then fine. I’ve already seen things in the book come true in real life; piracy in the Indian Ocean; oil disputes off West Africa; Russian commandos boarding freighters-the works. For all our sakes, I only hope the books main plot doesn’t come true.”